I am extremely excited to announce that form the 1st of November 2016, Mamela Estates will be in a position to manage her own in-house maintenance team. Rudolph Greeff, the owner of LSPM, has decided to close the business as he is busy with engineers consulting work in Botswana.  Mamela is taking over his team that worked in the inner city on properties the past years.

We are pleased with their quality of work and craftsmanship, and they are also well acquainted with the area and the challenges to successfully handle any maintenance challenge in the inner-city of Jozi.  We also have all the history cards on completed maintenance on all the properties in our reach, should we need to investigate work done in the past by LSPM.

It is therefore my pleasure to announce and introduce to you our latest Mamela member, Jan Nare, who is appointed as our office maintenance administrator and coordinator who will work closely with the Mamela maintenance team to:

  • ensure that maintenance related complaints by tenants are addresses, inspected and quoted if need be.
  • ensure that you as an owner are receiving an accurate “low cost” maintenance quote, should it be for your account.
  • overall manages the quick and “hands-on” correspondence of any maintenance related matters.

Our aim will be to limit maintenance cost to the bare minimum, should there be a need for maintenance on your property. We will be overjoyed if you can gain financially as much as possible of your investment. After all, that why you have bought it – to make money. Mamela Maintenance will not register for VAT, as to minimize this charge on invoices as well.  Be aware that your invoices and quotes will look similar to the format that LSPM has used as we have adopted their software package in the interim. Please be alert for bank account numbers and detail that is subject to change.

We wish Rudolph Greeff all the best with his future plans and endeavors, and a big thank you to the part that LSPM has played with regards to maintenance work in Johannesburg. All the best for Jan Nare, with the challenges and work to be done! He can be reached on email: maintenance@mamela.co.za or on 087 110 0086.