As the year speeds away with the cooler temperatures to greet us each morning and the on-going traffic jams and the newly upgraded and soon to be implemented toll system on our National highway sections are on the way, progress are also being made with the completion of the various Gautrain stations.

I nearly caused a serious accident on the N1 a few days ago, when I saw the Gautrain speeding pass my car. What a sight!

The construction of the Bus Rapid Transport system in Johannesburg are also an on-going project as this system will play a pivotal role in feeding the Gautrain with commuters. At the end of the day, once this entire project is finished, it is projected by the gurus that property around these key points, like the BRT stations and Gautrain station, will be quite pricy and be of substantial value.

Mamela is focused to source high-return, low- risk property investments around these stations in Johannesburg, as we believe that the inner-city is on a property revolution as never seen before. It is now the time to partner up with us and to invest in these carefully handpicked investments. As the property market is slowly recovering, it is now the time to buy to reap the benefits of sound investing in the future.

BRT- station construction taking place on the wellknown Empire road. This route will link Parktown with Hillbrow and will end right at the Gautrain station.

For more info on the progress of the Gautrain station in Johannesburg, please click on this link.